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Nominal interest rates

No guarantors

Minimum documentation

About Barter Loans

At RCF Investments, we offer innovative financial solutions to all your construction endeavors and barter loan is one such method. Our approach is simple yet effective- we provide the funds you need to kickstart your construction project, and in return, we secure a share of the property. What sets us apart is our commitment to collaboration. We work closely with you to tailor a financing plan that suits your specific needs and project requirements. Whether you’re building a dream home, a commercial complex, or any other construction endeavor, our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your success.


We have minimum eligibility requirements which ensures higher chances of immediate loan approval. We stand out from the competition because we charge financing fees transparently and our loans have variable interest rates. Apply for a loan today!

Attractive interest

We offer alluring interest rates and a simple repayment procedure. You don’t need to break a sweat while choosing a loan option as our specialists will guide you based on your needs.

100% Transparency

To promote trust and ethics, we maintain 100% transparency in our procedures and charges. Customer trust and satisfaction are of prime importance for us.

What we offer

The personal loan has developed into a fantastic alternative for people to use because not all loans are created equal.

Attractive interest rates

Getting a loan should not mean bearing the burden of interest. We offer loans on minimal interest rates to allow our customers to seamlessly borrow and repay accordingly.

Special preapproved loan

We offer a pre approved line of credit to customers with a strong repayment history.

Fewer Documents

We use an extremely efficient application process that involves minimal paperwork.

Barter loan eligibility

We have limited criteria for becoming eligible for barter loans. Eligibility: Up to 70 years of age at loan maturity for self-employed individuals.


Borrower should be of 18 years of age at least.


Minimum monthly income should be at least ₹15000.

Credit rating

Credit history must match the bank’s requirements.


What is the process of a trade loan?

A company must normally show that it has a solid credit history and give the lending institution financial documentation, such as financial statements, in order to be approved for a trade loan.

Do we provide flexible loan options?

Yes, we have customizable loan terms and plans that will satisfy your financial needs. 

What are the documents required for a loan?

KYC documents, ID card, salary slip for the last two months, and bank account statement. 

How much will it cost for a barter loan?

With us, there is no processing fee. All the processes are transparent and easy to opt into. 

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