Loan Offerings

Stressed Assets Takeover

Bank Loan or Finance Company NPA Takeover

Construction Loans

Capital Investment

Construction Finance on Barter Arrangement

Equity Funding

Project-based Home Loans

Bid Farewell to Traditional Hurdles

Say goodbye to the conventional obstacles associated with securing home loans. With RCF Capital Investment, we offer home loans that don’t rely on IT or CIBIL scores. Experience an interest rate ranging from 6.65% to 7.25%.

Loan Offerings

  • Stressed Assets Takeover: Streamlined solutions to acquire stressed assets.
  • Construction Loans: Fuel your construction projects with our specialized loans.
  • NPA Takeover: Seamlessly acquire NPAs from banks or finance companies.
  • Construction Finance with Buyback: Innovative financing with a barter arrangement.
  • Capital Investment: Partner with us for your capital investment needs.
  • Equity Funding: Empowering businesses with equity funding solutions.