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Nominal interest rates

No guarantors

Minimum documentation

About construction loans

RCF Investments is your partner in simplifying construction project financing. Whether you’re building your dream home or embarking on a major renovation, we have tailored construction loans to meet your unique needs. From first-time builders to seasoned developers, our flexible and competitive financing options ensure your project’s success. We simplify  construction project financing through offering flexible, competitive loans for first-time builders and experienced developers. Our transparent process ensures you understand your financial commitment, and our dedicated team supports your success. Turn your construction dreams into reality with RCF Investments.


You can easily check your eligibility for a loan and receive instant approval from us. Our goal is to provide financial assistance without hassle.


Our interest rates are unmatched in the market and we also streamline the payback process for you. We have onboard a dedicated team of experts who will guide you in selecting the right loan.

Complete transparency

We believe in maintaining complete transparency in our procedures and charges to ensure that we have your complete trust.

Why choose us?

The construction loan has developed into a fantastic alternative for people to use because not all loans are created equal.

Attractive rates

We offer attractive interest rates on our loans to enable those in need to avail loans without issues

Pre approved credit line

Those with a strong repayment history can get a pre-approved credit line from our side.

Hassle free applications

We provide loans with a simple application process which involves minimal amount of paperwork.


Construction loan eligibility

We have limited criteria for becoming eligible for construction loans. Eligibility: Up to 70 years of age at loan maturity for self-employed individuals.


Aged between 23-62 if salaried and 25-70 if self employed


Minimum monthly income of ₹ 15000

Credit rating

Credit history must meet the bank’s requirements.


How are the construction loans distributed?

Only installments are disbursed for the loan amount. Depending on how the construction is going, the approved loan amount will be disbursed in stages. The majority of Indian banks pay the sanctioned loan amount in three to five installments.

What sort of construction financing am I eligible for?

You can borrow up to 100% of the cost of construction with a home building loan, but not more than 90% of the market value. Usually, a component of a mortgage includes this loan.

What is the time period for Home Loan construction?

Ten to fifteen years is the maximum loan term. Documents including income tax returns, property records, and KYC documents are needed to apply for the loan. 

Can a construction loan be tax deductible?

According to Section 24 of the Income Tax Act, you may deduct the interest portion of your house building loan. 

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